COVID-19 Updates

New In-Person Fall Semester Schedule

May 22, 2020

J-School Students,

UM President Seth Bodnar has announced that the university is planning for an in-person fall semester but with new start and end dates.

Campus is taking the advice of the Commissioner of Higher Education in ending the semester before the holiday break.

We are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, August 19th and end the semester on Wednesday, November 25th.

The change leaves many unanswered questions at the moment, including protocol for moving into campus housing, exam schedules, etc. As campus and the J-School work through these issues, I want you to know we at the J-School are moving forward with you in mind. We will re-schedule our courses for maximum flexibility for you: 

  • All lower-division required courses will have an online section and a face-to-face section
  • Upper division required courses will have remote and face-to-face options
  • All courses and all sections will be poised to move to remote instruction before or during the semester

Stay tuned to all updates from Main Hall on this webpage.

Be in touch with any questions or concerns.


Denise Dowling
Director & Professor