Team 2 Mentor

Hillary Rosner

hillary rosner in treee

Hillary Rosner, an award-winning journalist specializing in science and the environment, is uniquely talented to help Spence tell the story of beavers and climate change. For Rosner’s first place piece in the Outstanding Feature Writing category, the judges at SEJ extolled “Attack of the Mutant Pupfish,” her Wired cover story for “its originality, snappy writing and unbridled sense of fun.” Rosner’s story, set in the Mojave Desert, used an animal (the pupfish) as her main character to raise questions about managing wildness, biodiversity and human intervention. 

Rosner has traveled around the world to tell stories. She’s reported in places like Borneo, Nicaragua and Iceland, but she’s familiar with Montana as well. To write “The Color of Bunny,” which appeared in High Country News, Rosner took to the field with University of Montana biologist Scott Mills who was studying the effect of climate change on the semi-annual color change of snowshoe hares.

Rosner’s story won an award in the Science Reporting for a Local or Regional Audience category. According to the judges, “While the story focuses mainly on a local, Montana-forest-dwelling population of snowshoe hares it also serves as a springboard for a broader-lensed discussion regarding conservationist ideas for dealing with climate change's coming impact on ecosystems.”

Rosner has also covered the environment for National Geographic, The New York Times, Scientific American, Mother Jones, Popular Science, Discover, and many other publications. She spent 2012 as an Alicia Patterson Fellow and 2010-11 as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. The Colorado-based writer has an MS in environmental studies and an MFA in creative writing.

Rosner is also an editor and a teacher and embraces her role as Crown Reporting Project mentor. “I'm excited about the chance to work with a young writer one-on-one, to help craft what I think will be a terrific story on an important topic,” said Rosner. “Katy seems like a sharp and talented reporter, and I'm looking forward to seeing her project unfold.”