In a recent survey of Montana Journalism graduates, more than 90 percent of those responding said they either had a job or were self-employed shortly after graduation. Of the most frequently mentioned job categories, journalism, marketing, and public relations were at the top.

More than 80 percent of respondents rated their overall career preparation as a four or five on a five-point scale. Our graduates have said they had a significant workplace advantage as a result of the practical, hands-on experience they received here. They also praised the faculty and the culture of collaboration and communication between staff and students. 

All students are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. Job and internship opportunities from qualifying news and media organizations can be submitted to us online and will be displayed here.  


Big Timber Pioneer: Editor and Reporter - posted 6/21/17

KPVI: Multi-Media Journalist - posted 6/21/17

ABC-FOX - IT/Engineering Assistant - posted 5/10/17

KPAX-TV: Weekday Morning Meteorologist - posted 5/9/17

Belgrade News: Reporter - posted 5/4/17

KRTV-TV: News Director - posted 4/11/17

ABC FOX: Sales Executive - posted 3/14/17

KXLF-TV: Master Control/Videotape Engineer - posted 3/14/17

KRTV-TV: Assistant Digital Editor - posted 3/14/17

KREX-TV: Multimedia Journalist - posted 2/14/17

ACLU of Montana: Communications Strategist - posted 2/10/17

Engadget: Contributing Writer - posted 2/10/17

Engadget: News Desk Operator - posted 2/10/17

Engadget: Social Media Manager - posted 2/10/17

KXLF-TV: Account Executive - posted 1/24/17

KRTV-TV: Multimedia Journalist - posted 1/24/17

KREX-TV: Reporter/Multimedia Journalist - posted 1/17/17

KREX-TV: News Anchor - posted 1/17/17

KREX-TV: Master Control Operator - posted 1/17/17

West Hawaii Today: Cops & Courts Reporter - posted 1/13/17

West Hawaii Today: Page Designer - posted 1/13/17

KULR-8 News: Chief Engineer - posted 1/13/17

KULR-8 News: Director - posted 1/13/17

KULR-8 News: Wake Up Montana Editor/Photographer - posted 1/13/17

KULR-8 News: Morning Producer - posted 1/13/17

KULR-8 News: Meteorologist - posted 1/13/17