Pre-Professional Program

In the first two years of study, students are enrolled in pre-journalism and take foundational courses in journalism and other disciplines across campus. Journalism courses in the pre-professional curriculum may be taken at the University of Montana-Missoula or at another school with a program accredited by the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. All non-journalism courses in the curriculum may be completed at any college or university. 


The following School of Journalism and General Education courses must be completed prior to admission to the School of Journalism professional program. Students who are unsuccessful in gaining admission to the professional program should realize that completion of the pre-professional program fulfills a significant portion of the university's General Education Requirements.

Core requirements for all pre-professional students in the School of Journalism:


  • JRNL 100H - Media History and Literacy
  • JRNL 170 - Elements of Newswriting
  • JRNL 257 - Beginning Visual Journalism
  • JRNL 270 - Reporting


  • One math course that fulfills the General Education math requirement.
  • A history course from the following: HSTA 101H, 102H, 103H, 104H.
  • A course in Gen Ed Group X, Indigenous and Global Perspectives, from the following: ANTY 101H, 141H; PSCI 230X; HSTR 146H or 231H; MCLl 100H; GPHY 243X or 245X; NASX 105H or 231X; SOCI 212H; JRNL 105X.
  • A political science course from among PSCI 210S, 220S or 230X (if PSCI 230X is taken to fulfill a Group X course, PSCI 210S or 220S is required).
  • An economics course from among ECNS 101S, 201S or 202S, OR a business course, BGEN 105S.

Students are required to pass the equivalent of the second semester of a foreign language before graduation. They are strongly urged to complete the requirement while in the pre-professional program. Journalism students may not substitute a symbolic system for a foreign language.

Transfer credit to meet these requirements must be approved by the department chair.