After Hours Access

The doors of Don Anderson Hall are unlocked at 8 a.m. and locked at 5 p.m. on days school is in session. You will need special access to get into the building on holidays, nights and weekends.

Graduate students and students enrolled in the professional or minor program will NOT need to submit an After Hours Access Form. Your GrizCard will continually be activated to access Don Anderson Hall each semester until you graduate. Please call the main office at (406) 243-4001, or see Cameron in DAH 201, with any further questions. 


For pre-professional journalism students, journalism minors, and outside students enrolled in JRNL 100H, 105X, 170, 257, and/or 270, or non-journalism students enrolled in any 300 or 400-level journalism course, an After Hours Access Form must be completed.  If you have completed the After Hours Access Form and you are still having trouble with your GrizCard access, please call the main office at (406) 243-4001, or see Cameron in DAH 201.

The deadline to complete the After Hours Access Form for Spring Semester 2018 was Friday, February 2nd.  Any form submitted after February 2nd was denied.  All students must now wait until Fall Semester 2018 to apply for After Hours Access.