Coursework Overview


  • JRNL 505 - Journalism and the Environment Seminar
  • JRNL 567 - Studies in Press and Broadcast Law
  • JRNL 570 - Covering Environmental Science and Natural Resource Issues
  • JRNL 575 - Story Lab
  • JRNL 698 - Externship
  • Journalism elective course/s - candidates may choose any 500 or 600-level elective. Most 400-level courses are acceptable if there is a specific graduate component (your adviser will work with you on selecting an appropriate elective). (Portfolio students take an additional two electives)
  • JRNL 599 - Professional Project (6 credits) (Portfolio students do not enroll in this)


Students are also required to successfully complete 12 credits of approved non-journalism courses relevant to the coverage of natural resource issues or environmental science. Course registration is subject to availability, prerequisites and instructor’s consent.

To help students with their selections, we've assembled a list of potential journalism courses and a list of potential science courses. Students are not limited to the courses on these lists, and they may select courses from a variety of specialties. Your program adviser must approve selected science courses.