UM recognizes students for contributions to diversity

Journalism school students Cali Beeson and Kathleen Stone received awards for their contributions to promoting campus diversity and inclusion at the annual Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) Student Achievement Awards on April 8th.

According to the DAC, award winners have demonstrated leadership, served as role models, and contributed substantially to the ideals of diversity through academic, community, campus, or community service projects.

Beeson has been a student involvement network employee at UM for two years and helped organize the Masculinity Project, which focuses on looking at gender beyond the binary of male and female. She has also been an active participant in the Black Student Union, the Tunnel of Oppression events, the Asperger's student group, the Kyi-Yo Native American Student Association, and the Lambda Alliance.

"I feel that this award has brought me full circle," Beeson said. "I saw people recognized last year at the [DAC] awards and congratulated friends. This year is my last year at UM and I'm proud to feel that I've made that big of an impact."

Stone works as the DiverseU student coordinator and said hearing other people's stories inspires her.

"I think the more we listen to others, the more we realize the importance of diversity. People with different backgrounds from me have a different perspective and, by sharing there perspectives, we come to a better understanding," Stone said.

Stone added that the best part about receiving the award was getting to hear about what other people are doing on campus to promote diversity.

Beeson said that, while Missoula may not be a "rainbow of races," community members and the university have a diverse sense of mind when it comes to cultural activities. 

"I feel that my upcoming graduation in May–achieving degrees in both anthropology and journalism–will only foster my dream of spreading diversity globally," she said.

- posted on 04/16/15 -