J-School to host “Freedom Sings” event to celebrate free speech

“Freedom Sings,” a critically acclaimed multimedia experience that tells the story of free speech in America through music, is coming to the UM campus Wednesday, Feb. 25.

Put on by the First Amendment Center and hosted by the UM J-School, the event features live performances of rock, pop, hip-hop and country music that has called for social change in contemporary history.

“Music inspires people to do things that sometimes some other forms of speech don’t,” said J-School Dean Larry Abramson. “It’s emotional, it shows a huge amount of creativity and it’s something that is for many of us the most memorable parts of maybe the period in our lives when we were bound up in a historical experience, whether it was the invasion of Cambodia or the actual free speech movement in the 60s.”

The all-star cast includes Grammy Award-winning musicians performing songs made famous by artists such as the Beatles, Black Eyed Peas, Miranda Lambert, Beyoncé and more.

“I think that there’s quite a bit of 60s and 70s music in the program, so it really celebrates the rebirth of the sense that freedom of speech is not something that’s just moldering away in a document somewhere, but its something that really has to be exercised and used in all media, whether it’s music or comedy or journalism or historical research,” Abramson said.

“Freedom Sings” is sponsored by the J-School as part of its Centennial Celebration.

“This is definitely something for people all across campus and hopefully outside of campus too,” Abramson said.

“Freedom Sings” will be held at UM’s Dennison Theatre at 7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Attendees may want to arrive early to make sure they get a seat.

- posted on 02/23/15 -