J-school launches seminar to prep for study abroad in Berlin

Come to Berlin with the UM J-School and be part of our investigation into the forces driving the latest immigration crisis in Europe. In the summer of 2016, the school trip will take students to one of the world’s most vibrant capitals. There they will report on how the new Germany is dealing with growing pressures from a new wave of immigrants driven by the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Preparations for the 20-day trip will begin in Fall 2015, when students can sign up for a 1-credit seminar.  They will learn about project development, pitching stories, marketing and fundraising.  While the course is open to anyone, instructors will use the planned trip as a real-world case study on how to build and fund a large-scale journalism project. 

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“We wanted to involve students right from the outset and create an opportunity for them to learn how this type of project comes into being,” said Associate Professor Henriette Lowisch, one of the faculty members leading the trip to Germany in the summer of 2016.  Lowisch is currently in Berlin to scope out locations and facilities for the international reporting effort. 

According to Journalism Dean Larry Abramson, “Berlin’s role as a European crossroads makes it an ideal location for reporting on the latest migration trends.”  Abramson, a former German teacher, will be co-teaching the seminar and trip. 

Professional Program students should sign up for JRNL 491-01 through Cyberbear, or learn more by emailing henriette.lowisch@umontana.edu

(Photo illustration: Shane McMillan)

Posted on July 27.