Journalism School RTV alums receive NW Emmy nominations

Emmy nominee and J-School professor Ray Ekness

Photo: Emmy nominee and J-School professor Ray Ekness works on production for "Backroads of Montana," which is a contender for best arts and entertainment program.

A number of J-School RTV alumni have been nominated to receive Northwest Emmys for their outstanding work in television. Nominees include: Gabe Ferguson, Jordan Caskey, Melanie Costello, Michael Sternoff, Anna Rau, John Twiggs, Gus Chambers, William Marcus, and Ray Ekness.

Both Ekness and Twiggs are professors at the journalism school. The two work with Gus Chambers and William Marcus to produce “Backroads of Montana," which has been nominated for best arts and entertainment program or special.

“I'm thankful that I get to work alongside such talented storytellers like John Twiggs, Gus Chambers and William Marcus,” Ekness said. “And then to throw in some recognition too, it's humbling. We all work hard on the segments and the program. It's nice to be honored for producing a program that people love to watch.”

Ekness said he’s proud of all of the RTV alums who are nominated this year, adding that he hopes the recognition inspires and motivates current students.

“I think the J-School prepares students to hit the ground running in their first jobs, but I hope we’re teaching students how to continue learning on their own,” he said. “Because they are going off to bigger markets and expanding their skills, I hope the foundation and the skills they’ve learned here have started them down the path to earning an Emmy nomination.”

A complete list of nominees is as follows:

General Assignment Report - No Time Limit

A Changed Gratitude • KHQ • Gabriel Cohen, Reporter/MMJ • Gabriel Ferguson, Photojournalist

Sports - News Single Story or Series

The Stories of Ironman • KHQ • Jordan Caskey, Photographer/Editor • Gabriel Ferguson, Photographer/Editor • Gabriel Cohen, Reporter

News Special

Beyond The Fire Lines • KHQ • Jeff Hite, Assistant News Director • Dylan Wohlenhaus, Executive Producer/Anchor • Gabriel Ferguson, Photojournalist/Editor • Gabriel Cohen, Reporter/MMJ • Kalae Chock, Executive Producer/Anchor • Tim Martin, Photojournalist • Kjerstin Bell, Reporter • Sean Owsley, Anchor

Sports - Feature/Segment

Sam Dowd: Against All Odds • SWX-TV • Sam Adams, Director of Sports • Jordan Caskey, Photographer/Editor

Sports - One-Time Special

The Olympic Zone • KING • Peter O’Connell, Executive Producer • Melanie Costello, Producer • Kevin Glantz, Chief Editor

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special

A World’s Fair: 40 Years Later • KHQ • Alex Rozier, Reporter • Jordan Caskey, Promotions Producer/Photographer

Promotion - Program - Single Spot

USA Today High School Sports • KING • Michael Sternoff, Producer/Director

Arts/Entertainment Program or Special

“Backroads of Montana” Ray Ekness, Gus Chambers, William Marcus, John Twiggs Producers

Arts/Entertainment Segment

“Cooper Travels: Backroads of Montana” John Twiggs, Producer

Documentary: Topical

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- posted on 04/17/15 -