How well does the media cover diversity?

Join award-winning broadcaster, public relations expert and 2000 UM Journalism graduate, Kathy Weber-Bates, in an engaging forum for discussion, reflection and research surrounding some of the most charged and influential news stories of the day. From the police officer shooting of unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, last year in Ferguson, Missouri to Caitlyn Jenners public journey from male to female how the media portrays diversity in America is perhaps one of the most pressing issues facing journalists and thought leaders today.Kathy Weber-Bates is teaching the fall course, Diversity in Media

Students will emerge with a more well-informed understanding of how culturally sensitive (or insensitive) decisions from reporters, editors and media owners impact institutional and personal perceptions in an increasingly multicultural America.

Future journalists and/or ongoing news consumers will explore frameworks for evaluating and detecting potential bias in the media, best practices for covering diverse communities and emerge equipped with background on how to thoughtfully engage in the ongoing national discourse on diversity in the media.

Along with select documentary films and current news coverage, students will use the required textbook, “The Authentic Voice: The Best Reporting on Race and Ethnicity,” edited by Arlene Notoro Morgan, Alice Irene Pifer and Keith Woods. This book includes a DVD.

Diversity in Media/JRNL 201 is a three-credit course that will be offered this fall on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 3:40 and 5 in room 316 of Don Anderson Hall. 

Posed Aug. 13, 2015