J-School professor on PBS MediaShift: "Why Journalism Schools Should Join the New Golden Age of Radio"

J-School professor Jule Banville's story "Why Journalism Schools Should Join the New Golden Age of Radio" is featured on PBS Media Shift.

Assistant professor Jule Banville, who’s been teaching audio classes at the J-school since spring 2013, wrote a piece about how journalism schools and professors can play a bigger role inside the renewed popularity of radio. She wrote on PBS MediaShift, which covers digital changes within journalism, that she’s had success using the online marketplace, the Public Radio Exchange, to get a bigger audience for student work.

“At this point, student-produced pieces have been licensed for air by radio stations 45 times. They’re running in New Hampshire and New Mexico and New Jersey, Washington, California, Florida. Several were picked up by our NPR member station, Montana Public Radio, because it was an easy way to shop around and find the right fit. My kids’ stuff has also aired on “PRX Remix,” an eclectic show on 17 public radio stations in all regions of the country, on satellite radio and is a podcast (natch),” Banville said.

PRX, named among the 10 most innovative companies in media, recently awarded the J-school a coveted Zeitfunk Award for being among the top-licensed debut producer groups on its site. Banville, who created and manages the PRX presence for the J-school, said the award is a dream come true, mainly because “Zeitfunk” is so fun to say.

- posted on 02/16/15 -