NPR hires J-School alum Nate Rott

J-School alum Nate RottJ-School alumnus Nate Rott has been named to a full-time position at NPR as a producer and reporter for the network’s National Desk.

Rott’s new position began on Nov. 3. Nate already has plenty of experience reporting for NPR. He has been working for the organization on a temporary basis for the past 18 months. During that time, Rott has primarily focused on news in the Western U.S. Regular listeners know his voice well, as he has covered everything from wildfires to Gamergate to the retirement of a bucking bull named Bushwhacker, “the biggest, baddest bull in the world.”  

In his new role, Rott said he will continue to report on the West, but will also work as a producer for larger projects.

“It’s really nice getting a gig with NPR,” Rott said. “They’re a great news organization with a broad audience. And I’ve got a lot of friends in the newsroom."

 His advice is to fellow journalists: value relationships with people and be a good person.

“I do think that nearly all of the opportunities that I’ve gotten in journalism, starting back at the old J-School, have been there and made available because of the relationships and friendships I’ve made with other people,” he said.

Rott graduated in 2009 with degrees in anthropology and journalism.

- posted on 11/06/14 -