2014 T. Anthony Pollner Lecture

Former New York Times reporter, William Glaberson, will deliver the University of Montana School of Journalism’s annual T. Anthony Pollner Lecture at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 29, in the University Center Theater. 

Glaberson, the 2014 Pollner Distinguished Professor, will discuss what investigations of leaks to reporters, like the leak from Edward Snowden, tell us about the world. 

“It turns out that by following the digital trail we all leave everyday, investigators have learned pretty much everything they want to know, sometimes without ever even talking to the reporters,” Glaberson said. “This new way of investigating leaks to reporters is changing reporting. It is raising new questions about whether reporters can protect the confidentiality of their sources. And, maybe most important, it is showing how much the government can learn about every one of us.”

Glaberson worked at the Times from 1987 through 2013, covering law, social issues, the media and business. He reported on some of the biggest legal stories of the era, including the Unabomber trial, the Guantanamo terror courts and the Bush v. Gore election challenge.

At the Times, Glaberson won a number of awards, including the Daniel Pearl Investigative Award, as well as several Pulitzer nominations. Glaberson serves as the 14th T. Anthony Pollner Professor in the UM School of Journalism. 

The professorship was created in 2001 in memory of Thorpe Anthony Pollner, a UM journalism alumnus who died two years after his graduation. A distinguished journalist is in residence at the school each autumn semester, teaching a special-topics course, advising the Montana Kaimin student newspaper and delivering the annual Pollner lecture. A second Pollner professorship was recently announced, which will bring in a spring semester professional to work with students in areas other than writing, including social media, design, business and online. 

- posted on 09/18/14 -