Summer Courses

Get ahead this summer from wherever you may be by taking a summer course in the School of Journalism. 

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JRNL 100HY - Media History and Literacy - May 10-June 18 with Ray Fanning

A survey of the history, development and role of the media in society, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, books, movies, recordings and the World Wide Web. The course examines ethical, political, financial and other issues related to mass media. Also included is an introduction to media literacy and critical thinking about the media and their messages.

Gen Ed Attributes: Historical Studies, Democracy and Citizenship (Y)

JRNL 362 - Feature Writing - Online with a weekly writing workshop via Zoom -June 21-July 30 with Courtney Cowgill

This course explores feature writing -- storytelling that goes beyond the headlines and employs techniques borrowed from creative writing and narrative. Students will write and workshop a variety of pieces that span from news features to profiles to creative nonfiction. Reading and discussions will take place asynchronously at your own pace on Moodle, but we will join synchronously weekly on Zoom to workshop your writing and discuss great works of feature writing.  

Prereq., WRIT 101. Some reporting or journalism experience or education preferred. 

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