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The School of Journalism is a hands-on, fully accredited, top-10 nationally ranked school where you can design your own curriculum. Connect with us to learn more!

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From reporting to film to podcasting to design, see what courses you'll get to dive into at the J-School. New! A 4+1 option to help you get both your bachelor's and your master's in five years.

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From High School Journalism Day to the annual Dean Stone Awards, we love bringing students of all ages together in pursuit and celebration of media that matters. Coming in July 2021: High School Journalism and Media Summer Camp! 

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The graduate program in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism puts students in the field. 

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Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to meet students and alumni, see their work and go behind the scenes. Instagram: @umjschool  Facebook: @umjschool

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Every semester, our students get out of the classroom and create professional-quality (and often professionally published) projects.

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School of Journalism professors do more than teach. They mentor. They connect. They challenge. Meet the faculty and staff here.

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According to a recent survey, 94 percent of UM J-School grads landed jobs after graduation. Find out where journalism can take you.

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The newly launched Montana Media Lab is focused on empowering journalists and non-journalists to tell their stories on multiple platforms. 

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